Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney | Three Dead in Georgia Tractor Trailer Truck Accident

Published December 19th, 2012 in Blog, Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer truck accidents are particularly dangerous because of the vehicle’s weight and size.  I’ve written several blog entries about tractor trailer truck accidents before, but I wanted to talk about it again because there was a serious tractor trailer truck accident early this morning.

A tractor trailer truck, headed north, ran off the roadway towards the left side and struck a gaurdrail as well as a pillar of sign.  The article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) does not specifiy why the truck veered off the road.  However, it does tell us that the overhead sign burst into flames after the collision.

The sign collapsed onto the southbound traffic, falling onto another tractor trailer truck, which also ran off the roadway.

Sadly, both the driver and the passenger of the first tractor trailer truck died as did the driver of the second tractor trailer.

I always stress the importance of taking safety precautions to minimize the risks of an accident and to minimize the possible injuries sustained if you are unfortunately involved in an accident.  But, like I mentioned earlier, it’s unclear as to what events led to the first collision.  Plus, while I do emphasize taking certain measures to ensure your safety, I also acknowledge that there are certain circumstances that are beyond our control–like what happened to the second tractor trailer in this accident.  There’s no way you can forsee a falling sign on fire.  You can’t prepare for something like that.

This was a tragic accident, and our thoughts are with the victims and their families.

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