Norcross Car Accident Lawyer | Pedestrian Safety

pedestrian-crossingDue to the lack of protection, pedestrian accidents can lead to very serious injuries, which makes pedestrian safety extremely important.  There is also the added fact that regardless of your primary mode of transportation, everyone is a pedestrian at one point or another.

According to the studies conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a pedestrian dies every two hours and is injured every 8 minutes.  Furthermore, in 2011, there were 4,432 pedestrian deaths, which was one of the few groups of road users that saw an increase in traffic fatalities. Pedestrian accidents and wrongful death is a big issue, but fortunately, a Norcross wrongful death lawyer can assist you with your claim.

Safety tips for pedestrians:

Ultimately, for pedestrians, it is most important to be aware of your surroundings and to be alert of possible hazards.  The following are a few safety tips to keep in mind as a pedestrian:

  • If at all possible, walk on a sidewalk or crosswalk.  This will minimize the chances of being in the path of a vehicle.
  • If there is not a sidewalk, walk far away from the traffic as possible and make sure to walk facing oncoming traffic (on the left side of the road).  This way you can see the vehicles coming towards you and can navigate your path as needed. 
  • Be visible.  An overwhelming number of pedestrian accidents occur at night.  If you do find yourself walking at night, make sure you are visible to the drivers on the road.

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