Norcross Car Accident Lawyer | Driving in Severe Weather


We’ve had quite a rainy summer here in Georgia, and it looks like there’s a severe weather warning out there for many areas all throughout Georgia, including Gwinnett County.  Of course, its impossible to plan your every day around the weather, especially since the storms start and end so abruptly.  However, heavy rains raise the risk of an accident as it impedes driving conditions.  In fact, I wrote an article last year sharing some safety tips for driving on rainy roads and how a Norcross car accident lawyer can help you with your claim if you’ve been involved in an accident.

But just to refresh, here are some of the more important tips you want to keep in mind.

Keep slow.  Speed is not your friend in this situation.  If the conditions are bad and the rain is making it tough for you to see the road and cars in front of you, take your time and drive slowly.  Even if you’re on the highway and you normally zip through at 65 mph, it’s okay to slow down and move at a pace you feel more comfortable.  Most likely, you will find the flow of traffic to be naturally slower.

Give yourself enough distance.  This goes hand in hand with driving slow, but make sure there is plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.  This will allow for more reaction time in case of an emergency.  Also, remember: the roads are slippery, so your brakes might need more time to get your car to a complete stop.

Wait it out.  If a storm starts up before you get a chance to get behind the wheels, try to wait it out if possible.  If it’s not absolutely necessary for you to be on the road during a storm, don’t.   If the storms suddenly worsen while you’re on the road, then pull over to the side and let it die down a bit before you continue on.

Stay dry and safe out there today!

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