Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney | Georgia Couple Recovers from Texas Train Accident

Train accidents are not very common.  However, when they do happen, they often result in serious or even fatal injuries.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a couple from Holly Springs were involved in a train accident in Midland, Texas last week.  The accident injured 16 people (including the couple), and there have also been 4 deaths so far.  The victims were participating in a parade to celebrate and honor wounded veterans.  They were on a parade float when a Union Pacific train struck them at a crossing.

The husband, Shane Ladner, was released after being treated for back injuries.  However, his wife, Meg Ladner, sustained much more serious injuries and her left leg was amputated.  Other aspects of her injuries are not detailed in the article.

When pursuing personal injury claims with such serious injuries, it’s important to take into consideration how your injury will affect your future.  This is actually why it’s so helpful to hire an attorney for claims such as these.  Meg Ladner’s life will no longer be the same after the accident, and it will take her a very long time to adjust to her new life.  She will need medical treatment, physical therapy, perhaps prosthesis, and so much more.  There’s also the emotional or mental damages that need to be considered as well.  Sometimes, as a victim of accidents such as the Ladners experienced, it can be overwhelming to just get better.  The legal woes are the last thing on your mind, but it’s absolutely crucial that it is handled thoroughly and properly.

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