Duluth, GA Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer | Proving Fault in Slip and Fall Accident Claims


I write about car accidents all the time on this blog.  For example, last week, I wrote an article on teenagers and the dangers of speeding, and how a Duluth, GA car accident lawyer can help you with your car accident claim.  But there are many kinds of accidents that are common and can lead to personal injury claims, such as slip and fall accidents, which is what I want to focus on today.

While slip and fall accidents happen very frequently, it can be difficult to pursue a slip and fall accident claim because proving that it was the fault of the property owner can get a little tricky.  Things falling onto the floor or the ground becoming uneven can happen naturally, and sometimes they cannot be helped.  So, we all have a general responsibility of keeping ourselves safe from these situations.  In order to be able to pursue a slip and fall accident claim, it must have been due to the negligence of the property owner.

There are three different scenarios in which you can pursue a slip and fall accident claim.

1.) The property owner should have known about the damage on the premises because a reasonable person who is caring for the premises would have found the damage and repaired it.

2.) The property owner directly caused the damage, spill or whatever dangerous surface caused the accident.

3.) The property owner took no action to repair the property despite knowing about the damage.

The first scenario is the most common of slip and fall accidents, but it is also the most difficult to prove because the definition of “reasonable” can be a little fuzzy as it may be different from person to person.  Hiring a Duluth, GA slip and fall accident lawyer can be very helpful for these situations.  Because of their expertise, they can better assess whether or not the property owner was acting within reason.

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