Dallas, GA Wrongful Death Lawyer | Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim

road-61904_640Wrongful death claims are very complicated due to its serious nature.  The answers to what seem like simple questions such as, who can pursue a wrongful death claim, is not always clear in these kinds of personal injury claims.  However, I did about who may be eligible to pursue a wrongful death claim and the benefits of hiring a Dallas, GA wrongful death lawyer in a previous article.  Another question you may have in mind is what kind of damages you can pursue in a wrongful death claim.

Well, when it comes to wrongful death, there are generally three different kinds of damages you can seek:

1. Economic Damages: Economic damages factor in things that have monetary value, such as loss of expected income, medical and funeral expenses, and loss of benefits.

2. Non-economic Damages: For many, this holds much more value than the economic damages as it is to compensate the victim’s survivors for pain and suffering.  Factors such as loss of love and companionship, loss of consortium, and loss of care and protection factor in to non-economic damages.

3. Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are rarer in wrongful death claims as not all wrongful death claim settlements include punitive damages.  This is because punitive damages is only awarded when there is reason to believe the at-fault party was not only negligent, but malicious and with ill intent. 

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