Duluth, GA Truck Accident Lawyer I Common Causes of Tractor Trailer Truck Accidents

Published September 18th, 2012 in Blog, Truck Accidents

Tractor trailer truck accidents account for 3% of all injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents.  This may seem like a small percentage, but injuries sustained from truck accidents are generally much more serious in nature because of the sheer size and weight of the vehicle.  In addition, there has been a 20% increase in truck accidents over the past 20 years, so this isn’t something we should be ignoring.

A while back, I posted an article on  the dangers of tractor trailer truck accidents, so today, I wanted to bring attention to some of the common causes of truck accidents (according to a report released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in 2006).

  • Drug use.  I was a bit surprised by this, but prescription drug use was one of the most common causes of truck accidents.  Over the counter medicines was also prevalent as well.
  • Traffic.  Congestion or perhaps a previous accident may create difficult driving conditions for the tractor trailer truck driver.
  • SpeedingSpeeding is an issue for all drivers, including tractor trailer truck drivers.  However, for tractor trailer trucks, the consequences of speeding can be exponentially worse because it is such a large and heavy vehicle.
  • Unfamiliar with roads.  Truck drivers usually drive long distances, and so it’s unsurprising that they may be unfamiliar with the roads at times.  This can also factor into a collision.
  • Vehicular issues.  There might be some maintenance issues going on with the vehicle that may cause an accident while its on the road.  This is a common problem for all vehicles.


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