Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney | Common Birth Injuries

Published September 24th, 2012 in Blog, Medical Malpractice

I’ve talked about medical malpractice lawsuits on a couple of different posts, but I haven’t had the opportunity to talk about specific kinds of medical malpractice.  Birth injuries are one of the types of injuries caused by hospital mistakes.  Victims can be either the baby or the mother, and as the name suggests, injuries are sustained during birth.

The following are common birth injuries:

  • Broken bones.  During a difficult birth, the child can easily break or fracture his or her bone.  The clavicle (collar bone) is the most common to fracture, but children generally recover quickly from these injuries.
  • Bruising.  Bruising can happen to a child simply as a byproduct of being birthed.  However, a child may also bruise because of the use of forceps or vacuum extractions.  While bruising is oftentimes temporary, forceps and vacuum extractions can cause much more serious injuries as well.
  • Facial paralysis.  As I just mentioned above, forceps can cause serious injuries, such as nerve damage in the face, which results in facial paralysis.
  • Brain injuries.  The cause of most brain injuries during birth is lack of oxygen.  This can be due to complications with the umbilical cord or blood loss.  Brain injuries can be very serious and lead to life long complications.

Of course, we can’t forget that giving birth and delivering births are complex and strenuous processes, and there are several factors that contribute to birth injuries other than hospital mistakes, such as the baby’s size and position.  Doctors do their best to ensure the baby is delivered safely.  However, as I frequently say, accidents do happen.

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