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Published September 20th, 2012 in Blog, Car Accidents

This week (September 16-22) is child passenger safety week, so I wanted to write a post on child safety on the road.  First of all, the law in all fifty states require that children use a safety seat, and in Georgia, it is also the law that children who have outgrown their safety seat use a booster seat until they can wear an adult seat belt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides a few recommendations in choosing a safety seat for your child:

1. Choose a safety seat best suits your child in terms of your child’s size and weight, along with the kind of vehicle you have.  This helps make sure that the safety seat will be comfortable for both you and your child, and you can use it every time.

2.  Read the manufacturer’s manual.  It may seem tedious, but it will be the best way to ensure that the seat has been installed and is being used properly.

3.  Have your child use the safety seat for as long as he or she fits the weight and size requirements of the seat.  Until your child can use an adult seat belt or is ready for booster seat, using the child safety seat is the best way to ensure his or her safety.

4.  Register your child safety seat with the manufacturer.  This way, if there happens to be a recall on your model, you know you will be notified.

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