Train Accidents

Dallas, GA Wrongful Death Lawyer | KIM LAW LLC

Wrongful death claims can be very burdensome to pursue on your own.  There are many details that contribute to determining the damages of a wrongful death claim, which makes it helpful to have an expert on board.  Our Dallas, GA wrongful death lawyers are thorough and comprehensive so you can be assured that all factors […]

Duluth, GA Wrongful Death Lawyers | Duluth, GA Personal Injury Firm

Trying to pursue a wrongful death claim on your own can be very burdensome considering how wrongful death claims are very complex in nature.  There are many factors at play that determine the damages that may be awarded, so it’s important to have an experienced wrongful death lawyer on your side.  If you have lost […]

Norcross Wrongful Death Lawyer | 14 Traffic Fatalities Over Labor Day Weekend

Sadly, there were 14 deaths due to traffic accidents that occurred over Labor Day weekend.  In addition, the Georgia Department of Public Safety reports that there were 443 car accidents and 226 injuries.  You can always expect the number of crashes, injuries, and fatalities to go up during a holiday, even a minor one like […]

Norcross Wrongful Death Lawyer | Norcross Personal Injury Firm

If you have lost a loved one due to the negligence of another party, please contact our Norcross wrongful death lawyers at Kim Law LLC.  Losing a loved one is a difficult time even without the burdens of a lawsuit.  Our experienced attorneys will help you navigate through the legal system so that you can […]

Norcross Car Accident Lawyer | Driving in Severe Weather

We’ve had quite a rainy summer here in Georgia, and it looks like there’s a severe weather warning out there for many areas all throughout Georgia, including Gwinnett County.  Of course, its impossible to plan your every day around the weather, especially since the storms start and end so abruptly.  However, heavy rains raise the […]

Norcross Personal Injury Lawyer | Damages in a Wrongful Death Claim

There are a variety of different factors at play in a wrongful death claim, which can make these types of claims rather confusing.  For example, a while back, I wrote an article explaining who has the right to pursue a wrongful death claim and how a Norcross wrongful death attorney can help with the litigation […]

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney | Georgia Couple Recovers from Texas Train Accident

Train accidents are not very common.  However, when they do happen, they often result in serious or even fatal injuries. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, a couple from Holly Springs were involved in a train accident in Midland, Texas last week.  The accident injured 16 people (including the couple), and there have also been […]